JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty


PRESS RELEASE: JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty, Jul 21 - Aug 13, 2022

JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty
Jul 21 – Aug 13, 2022


JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty
07.21.22 - 08.13.22

Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 21th • 5–8 pm
155 West Broadway, Jackson Hole

A string quartet from the Grand Teton Music Festival will perform during the opening reception.

 Diehl Gallery is pleased to welcome Juan Carlos Collada as one of the newest artists on the gallery’s roster with a solo exhibition. This show will be comprised of works in the artist’s signature style, which involves hand-cutting, dying and painting feathers to create lyrical compositions of butterflies on panel. The artist will be present for the opening reception.

This exhibition will benefit

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About the Exhibition

In this exhibition, the title “Ubiquitous Beauty” refers to the inspiration that Juan Carlos Collada finds in all things – nature, culture, travel, family, and even the most mundane moments. In his recent trip to Africa, Collada found that the sounds, scents, sights and tastes evoked a depth of wonder unparalleled in his previous travels.

As an artist, one constantly thirsts for experiences like this, but Africa satisfied this desire in a way previously unbeknownst to me. It is truly a wondrous place and I long to return.

In addition to the sensory experiences that Collada had in Kenya and Rwanda, he was impacted by the warmth, compassion and friendly nature of those he encountered on his journey. “Though it was a world so different from my own, I was comfortable in this foreign land from the moment I stepped off the plane,” Collada writes. “It was impossible to come back home and not create.” This depth of connection to a place so far from home is at the core of his newest body of work. His sentiments are made visually evident in the vibrant pieces that seem to carry with them an energetic essence that reflects their African origins.

This book provides an avenue to share some of Collada’s experiences and inspirations with collectors. Each piece is associated with one or more images that directly helped formulate the palette and composition of the final work. These moments capture the artistic process in motion and give an added experiential depth of meaning to the collection.

Created in Collada’s signature style, his lyrical compositions are made up of hand-cut, dyed and painted feathers housed in plexi-glass cases. This highly unique medium blends the artist’s interest in fashion and design with his formal art school training to create dynamic yet approachable works.

When asked what he hopes his clients find in his work, Collada responded, “Just joy. I hope the energy I put forward when creating them is felt through the art; I feel joy in making them and I would like the viewer to feel that as well.”