DONALD MARTINY: Anthropometries


PRESS RELEASE: DONALD MARTINY: Anthropometries, Aug 18 - Sep  4, 2022

DONALD MARTINY: Anthropometries
Aug 18 – Sep 4, 2022


DONALD MARTINY: Anthropometries
08.18.22 - 09.04.22

Opening Reception:
Thursday, August 18th • 5–8 pm
155 West Broadway, Jackson Hole

Donald Martiny’s work challenges definition and pushes the boundary between painting and sculpture. Since his installation of two monumental site-specific pieces in the new One World Trade Center in New York City, Martiny’s career has been skyrocketing. Diehl Gallery is thrilled to present this new body of gestural abstract work. The artist will attend the opening reception.

(Anthropometry (from Greek ἄνθρωπος anthropos, ‘human’, and μέτρον metron, ‘measure') refers to the measurement of the human individual.) The title is also a reference to the Yves Klein’s paintings in which he employed female models as "living paintbrushes" to create the work. Klein was famous for his explorations of color, partiucularly blue. This series was all done in his signature patented pigment, "International Klein Blue" and was titled after the Greek word for measurements of the human body. 

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