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JONATHAN SMITH, Glacier #9 (#3/8)

Chromogenic Print, 37.5" x 30"

At A43, the design process of every project begins the same way: with a roll of trace paper, a pen, and a myriad of questions.


Chris and team start sketching and asking questions like: Where should the home sit on the site? How should we think about sun exposure and weather patterns? Does the design fit within the context of the neighborhood? What about material schemes, proportions, and composition of building forms? Does this floor plan fit the needs of our client? How are we going to get this home permitted and built? There are an innumerable set of questions to ask when designing a home. But amidst the constant stream of questions, we’re also looking for opportunities. We find ourselves searching for moments within a home to place art. Artwork has the remarkable ability to transform any home. Art adds personality, depth, and a touch of creative expression.


The process of curating art for your home goes beyond finding pieces that appeal to a client’s aesthetic preferences. It involves understanding the space, considering the overall ambiance, and selecting artworks that resonate with clients on a deeper level. To help us achieve this, A43 architecture collaborates with experts like Mariam Diehl of Diehl Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming.


Curating art for a custom home is a meticulous process. It requires a deep understanding of our client’s vision and a discerning eye for exceptional art. Mariam does an excellent job of carefully selecting pieces from various sources like renowned dealers, art fairs, and auctions. The aim is always to create a captivating and harmonious environment that showcases our client's unique style and fosters an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. When architecture and interior design coalesce around the perfect piece of art, the art becomes an integral part of the home's identity and truly enriches our clients’ living experience.


Recently, A43 had the pleasure of playing the part of client. Diehl Gallery helped curate art pieces for the A43 office in Jackson. It was a wonderfully collaborative effort that began with a detailed conversation led by Mariam. She guided us through preferences, style, scale, lighting, and ambiance. As always, Mariam took great notes. She and her team then provided several fabulous options based on our feedback. Our office features work by artists David Pirrie, Kate Hunt, and Jonathan Smith.


This piece, ‘Glacier #9’, by Jonathan Smith, is located in the A43 conference room.


“The thing we found interesting about his work is that it is landscape photography, but he’s composed shots in such a way that they become more abstract. Sometimes you have to look at them for a bit to understand what he’s captured as the subject. There are so many landscape photographers in the Jackson market, and it is refreshing to see landscape photographer that isn’t just panoramic pictures of mountains. He does a good job of capturing really specific moments that are quite profound.” - Reed Duggan, A43 Project Manager


If you are interested in a well-curated art gallery in Jackson, please visit Diehl Gallery’s new website https://www.diehlgallery.com/ or stop by at:


155 W. Broadway Ave. Jackson, WY 83001.


If you are interested in designing or renovating a home with art in mind, give us a call at (307) 249-8650. Or, you can stop by our office to view some incredible pieces at:


610 W. Broadway Ave. Ste 103 Jackson, WY 83001

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